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A harmonious approach

Need a Finance SEO agency that gets results? You’re in the right place.

Whatever kind of SEO you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Let us introduce ourselves…

A harmonious approach

Looking for Finance SEO services?

At QueryClick, our decades of experience working with businesses to provide performance-focused SEO services results in year-on-year growth and the kind of ROI your business deserves.

When you partner with us, you get a lasting relationship and great performance every day. We challenge assumptions with real data to give you the tools you need to transform your marketing and reach your customers.

Do you need SEO for Finance?

Financial services have always been essential but as more of our lives move online, a great web presence is more important than ever. Each aspect of search engine optimisation needs to be working in harmony.

That’s why we have Technical SEO, Content and Digital PR specialists working together to ensure your website is in the best possible position. And of course, able to attract the most relevant customers.

Why not start by letting us give your site a full health check with an SEO audit?

Cross team collaboration
A harmonious approach

Why should you partner with QueryClick?

Here at QueryClick, we’ve got all the skills and experience needed to make your SEO really earn its keep.

Our team come from a wide range of industry backgrounds and works across the country as well as from our hub in Edinburgh!

This gives us a unique knowledge base which we bring to every business we partner with.

QueryClick’s Finance SEO Services

Our performance-focused SEO approach has helped us to drive over £100,000,000 in organic revenue in the last 12 months alone.

Here are just a few of our award-winning SEO services that have been pivotal in achieving these results:

Local SEO

Ensure your business is easily found by new customers that are ready to shop in your area.

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SEO case studies

Talking ourselves up is easy – the proof’s in the numbers.

Take a look for yourself below and see why businesses are choosing to partner with QueryClick.


QueryClick helped QUIZ boost rankings and organic visibility for non-branded generic keywords resulting in a 54% YoY increase in revenue. Read more >

Sally Salon


QueryClick matched rigorous data analysis and savvy prioritisation with agility and customer focus, to deliver incredible SEO results while overcoming challenges posed by Covid-19. Read more >


QueryClick helped Wolseley grow brand authority and increasing organic visibility, resulting in an 18.7% YoY increase in organic revenue YoY. Read more >

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