Increasing organic revenue by 18.7%


Following a rebranding project, Wolseley wanted to grow their authority within the trade industry and increase organic traffic to key product areas. The challenge? Optimising existing content for relevant, high-volume search terms while also satisfying an information-seeking audience of trade experts.


The Client

Wolseley is a leading trade specialist merchant in plumbing, heating and cooling equipment and the UK operating company of Ferguson PLC, which serves over 1 million customers around the world.

As the UK’s leading distributor of plumbing and building materials, Wolseley serves professionals in the construction industry through a number of trading brands.

The Objective

To grow brand authority within the plumbing and heating trade following a re-brand, increasing organic visibility and traffic to key product areas.

To boost organic visibility and traffic, QueryClick focused on two key areas:

We provided keyword-optimised metadata for the ‘parts and spares’ section of the website to target relevant, high-volume search terms

We also wrote information-rich and trade-focused copy for key product pages to fill key content gaps and target coveted featured snippet space in search results

The Results

Our optimisations resulted in ranking improvements for all targeted keywords, securing top 3 rankings and featured snippet ownership for priority, trade-focused terms.

  • Clicks to optimised pages increase by 259% YoY
  • Organic revenue from optimised pages increased by 18.7% YoY
  • Brand awareness raised among key target audience

Why it Worked

Never underestimate the value of quick win activities in improving your SEO performance. Making sure you’re targeting the right keywords in metadata and on-page, as well as serving high-quality and keyword-optimised content to users, is essential in securing your right to rank.

Search engines like Google use metadata to understand what your website and its individual pages are about. This information is used for ranking purposes and determines how your page is displayed to users in search results. As it’s often the first information about your brand that a user will see, it’s essential that you’re using the space wisely.

The better optimised your page, the more likely you are to secure coveted featured snippets in search results. Featured snippets are selected results that feature above organic search results and are intended to answer a user’s query straight away. They can have a drastic positive impact on click-through-rate, allow you to ‘leapfrog’ your competition and be the first result users can see.

Ensuring your website adheres to basic SEO best-practice is key to improving organic rankings and driving more traffic online. Get your free Organic SEO Health Check today and see what we can do to boost your business’ visibility online.

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