Generating global interest and engagement


After launching the Aggreko Perspectives initiative consisting of a series of articles on different trends in the energy sector, Aggreko asked us to help raise awareness and generate interest in their services through website engagement and report downloads. They asked us to tailor a PPC strategy that promoted their series in a selection of countries for two months, testing the impact of a paid traffic push and helping to devise a long-term strategy for supporting Aggreko Perspectives through paid Google ads.

The Client

Aggreko is the global leader in temporary power generation and temperature control solutions. Headquartered in Glasgow, it currently operates from over 200 locations worldwide including the US, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The Objective

To generate global interest and engagement with the Aggreko Perspectives initiative – a series of articles on different trends in the energy sector.

To increase awareness of the Aggreko Initiatives campaign we focused our efforts on two core ad campaigns:

We identified an opportunity to test a YouTube campaign using a video featured on the initiative’s landing page

We tailored a PPC strategy to the content of the latest instalment in the article series and promoted it in selected countries for two months

The Results

Our campaigns lead to a significant increase in high-quality page visits to Aggreko Perspectives and sustained strong website engagement.

  • The number of sessions for Aggreko Perspectives in target countries increased by 10,000%
  • Over 3.6K new users visited Aggreko Perspective pages
  • Goal completions on Aggreko Perspectives pages (i.e. report downloads, contact forms, etc.) increased by 2600%

Why it Worked

The YouTube video campaign allowed us to significantly increase the reach of our paid activity to relevant users outside of those actively searching for keywords relevant to the article’s topic. After testing multiple audiences to identify the strongest performer, we were able to prioritise who we served our ads to whilst continuously reviewing YouTube ad placement to ensure brand safety and relevance.

Our YouTube campaign earned 343k views with a CTR of 0.26%, and a view rate of 50% with 25% of users watching the full video. It generated 18 last-click conversion actions including 1 enquiry form.

Our PPC campaign extracted keyword themes from the Aggreko Initiatives content and validated them with keyword research to gauge search volume and brand relevance. After identifying our target keywords, we created a campaign structure that allowed for effective testing, optimisation, and analysis on a country and keyword match-type level.

Using ad copy tailored to the specific content being promoted, we gathered sufficient conversion data to identify top-performing areas and implemented automated bidding strategies to maximise results.

We saw a strong average CTR of 7.4% across all campaigns with a relatively low average CPC of £0.39. We also saw an average conversion rate of 2.6% using the last-click attribution model, with 119 last-click conversion actions including 5 enquiry forms.

The combined efforts of the two campaigns successfully raised awareness of Aggreko Perspectives in target countries and attracted high-quality new traffic through soft messaging that established Aggreko’s expertise in the sector.

It also generated an audience of users that can be targeted through future YouTube of Display marketing and identified geographical locations with the strongest response to be the focus of future paid activity. Discover how we can improve your visibility online and get your free Paid Health Check today.

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