Award-winning performance marketing, unique data intelligence

We are an independent digital marketing agency, who treat our clients as partners. Driving multi-channel ROI using unique, patented tooling.

Patented Tooling

Laser focused

Our unique machine learning-based tool suite, which delivers granular data output and custom metrics to identify proactive adjustments for our clients’ multi-channel marketing strategies

laser focused performance

Identify wasted spend with our ROI calculator

Corvidae Solution

Attribution solution with a difference

We realised that attribution models aren’t the problem, it’s the quality of the data going in, so Corvidae uses machine learning to improve your data quality giving you more revenue for less spend.

Corvidae Solution

Attribution is broken, discover the fix and accelerate your ROI


A marketing tool you
can finally love

Remove all ineffective marketing spend and convert new customers for the lowest possible price with Corvidae.

CPA boundaries

Set cohort CPA reduction and automate their acquisition within multichannel CPA boundaries.


Convert customers earlier

Save up to 87.5%* of your spend by converting customers to your brand earlier in their customer journey via cheaper channels.


Full-spectrum view

Cut CPAs in half and capture 4x conversions by replacing your DSP targeting models with Corvidae’s full-spectrum view.


Multichannel automation

Discover the best next step for every customer in your CRM and capture them via multichannel automation triggers for 50:1 ROI and a ruthlessly optimised loyalty expansion strategy.

8040015%Loyalty IncreasedRETURN ON INVESTMENT

Data science insights

Optimise your linear media buy strategy, remove ads that don’t convert to revenue, and discover TV’s ‘Long Tail’ with data science insights that cross boundaries from online to off.


Unlock tactical growth

Correctly value ‘Brand’ and ‘Generic’ activity and unlock tactical growth strategies that release 100% more incremental revenue by redeploying 5% of your search media spend.


Extensive team of specialists

Regain control of your marketing channels and in-house your marketing capability with our QC Academy talent pipeline and development capability, and retain access to our extensive team of specialists as our success team works to transform your business performance.


Why Work at QC?

At QueryClick, we’ve put our heart and soul into building a company that employees love to be a part of. We’ve come a long way in 14 years (in fact,…

Who We Are

The QueryClick story

Founded in 2008, we’re an independent digital marketing agency that blends attribution software and performance marketing services to achieve the best results for our clients. Our passionate team come from a variety of backgrounds and skillsets, but we all share a passion that’s uniquely QueryClick.

About QueryClick




The team at QueryClick have been crucial to the success of BT & EE’s SEO performance and are integral to our future ambitions for continued growth. QueryClick’s performance-focused approach and SEO strategy has achieved double digit growth every year for the past three years. The team have excelled at adapting to BT and EE’s fast-paced, Agile environment, and have consistently helped us to achieve our long term SEO goals as a result. Their fresh thinking, combined with exemplary project management, collaboration, and industry expertise have enabled us to launch best in class campaigns that outperform competitors – we can’t recommend them enough.



QueryClick have enabled us to undergo a digital transformation project which has given us back ownership of our data and empowered our in-house efforts.



QC detected and removed £4.5m of paid-spend cannibalisation through insight into where/when organic positions delivered a CTR 50% higher than expected for specific searches.



QC delivered a 162% uplift in organic search traffic within two months, resolving a multinational ranking challenge across nine countries.



QC delivered a 30% decrease in cost per booking and drove up paid revenue by 19% for no additional budget, by reviewing location targeting across paid and organic channels.