Increasing YoY revenue by 54%

Quiz is one of the UK’s leading fashion retailers, but they lacked organic visibility for many non-brand, generic search terms. With a suite of technical fixes, we helped increase year-on-year revenue by 54% and saw ranking improvements for all targeted keywords. Here’s how we made it happen.

The Client

Quiz is a leading UK fashion retailer specialising in occasion wear and dressy casual wear. The brand operates through an omni-channel, fast fashion business model, including online, standalone stores, concessions, international franchises, third party online partners and wholesale.

The Objective

To boost rankings and organic visibility for non-branded generic keywords after too much of a reliance on brand PPC.

To improve search rankings and traffic, QueryClick focused on three core areas:

We provided updated on-page content and copy to improve keyword targeting and make it more relevant to users

We consolidated pages with similar intent to combat cannibalisation and reduce competition in the search results

We improved the internal linking structure to ensure the spread of link equity (ranking authority) to important product and service pages

The Results

Our optimisations resulted in ranking improvements for all target keywords and an uplift in organic traffic to important product category pages.

  • Organic revenue increased by 54.26%
  • Conversion rate increased by 29.14%
  • Transactions increased by 42.46%

Why it Worked

Good SEO hygiene is the foundation to securing your right to rank. Quick win activities such as updating your on-page content and metadata for keyword targeting help search engines understand what your pages are about and are an important first step to boosting organic visibility.

Optimising your website for organic performance also involves reducing competition between pages that rank for similar target keywords and have similar intent. This is known as cannibalisation, and it’s harmful to the SEO potential of the pages involved. It can ‘confuse’ search engines as they struggle to decide which of your pages they should rank for what term. To combat cannibalisation, we may recommend re-targeting pages for different keywords or consolidating them by redirecting or canonicalizing one to the other.

Having an optimised internal linking structure is also integral to good SEO performance. Internal links play an important role in:

  • Spreading link equity (or ‘ranking authority’) around your website and to key pages
  • Establishing the information hierarchy of your website
  • Allowing users to easily navigate your website to find the products and/or information they are looking for

Ensuring your website adheres to basic SEO best-practice is key to improving organic rankings and driving more traffic online. Get your free SEO Health Check today and see what we can do to boost your business’ visibility online.