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A Day in The Life: Linda Zagorskiene, Finance Assistant

By Linda Zagorskiene 10 December, 2021

Hi, I am Linda from Latvia.

I joined QueryClick in 2018 and have progressed from nobody knows who Linda is to now being called “The Linda”!

My main job at QC is Finance Assistant but I am also very involved in Culture Group event organisation.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I’m not usually a fan of heavy metal music… but if I am having a bad day or feeling really upset, I have to listen to Rammstein to help me feel better!

What day-to-day tasks do you complete as a Finance Assistant?

I support the team by:

  • Helping with any financial queries they might have,
  • Paying for expenses,
  • Organising events,
  • Preparing financial information for the Head of Finance,
  • Plus, lots of other ad hoc jobs!

Are there any finance tools you use that you would recommend to someone in a similar role?

A few years ago, I introduced a new staff expenses system to QueryClick: Certify.

I would strongly recommend that any company which still uses spreadsheets to record staff expenses makes the move to something similar.

Using Certify has made my work so much easier! And I think it’s made the expenses process a lot simpler for my colleagues too.

What are your favourite (and not-so favourite!) parts of your role?

I love socialising so QC’s social events is definitely one of my favourite things. We just had our Christmas party and it was magical. I loved that everyone came together after being remote-first for last two years and had such a good time together.

There’s also never a dull moment in my job – finance is a crucial part of any business and so I am involved with almost every department and team! I have to admit (as sad as it might sound…), I also love spreadsheets! I find it fascinating what spreadsheets can do with data.

But, spreadsheets can also be my least favourite thing! I would love to improve my spreadsheet skills because there are so many things I want to be able to do but not sure how to yet. Luckily, we get 8 hours of personal development time each month at QC, so it’s on my to-do list!

Can you tell us a little more about QC’s Culture Group?

The core role of the Culture Group is to bond teams and colleagues through social activities. It’s more important than ever as we are a remote-first company and so mostly work from home. That means it can be harder to develop strong working relationships with our colleagues.

I joined the group because it needed someone with access to a company credit card for booking things and then I really liked the idea of planning and organising events.

What do you love about being part of Team QC?

I love that everyone I work with at QueryClick is incredibly passionate about their job and the business.

Would you recommend QC as a place to work?

Yes, definitely.

QueryClick is the first company I have worked for who looks after their staff so well. We have amazing training programs and opportunities to grow in the company. And a very friendly team!

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