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5 Marketing Predictions For 2022

By Daphne Monro 6 January, 2022

Each year we embrace new things – and that is especially true for the world of marketing.

In 2021, we saw some big changes, such as Google’s Spam Linking update, Apple’s data tracking changes (which directly impacted Facebook ads) and TikTok surpassing 1 billion users.

What do we expect will happen in 2022? We’ve looked into our marketing crystal ball to give your our top five predictions. Continue reading to find out what they are…

Prediction 1: Artificial Intelligence will be more important than ever

There are many ways that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be integrated into marketing strategies. The possibilities are endless when we look to the future.

Right now, Google is implementing MUM (Multitask Unified Model), which will allow AI to help you with your search journey, understanding information across text, different languages, images and more – simultaneously.

AI will continue to drive campaigns in 2022 by assisting content creators in figuring out their tone, helping data analysts notice patterns and buyers create educated voice searches with personalised responses.

How to bring AI into your business

AI is a broad term that encompasses a lot of different functionality and there are endless ways in which it can be incorporated. An easy intro for most businesses is chatbots.

In 2020 alone, we saw a rise of 92% for chatbots on websites when compared to the year before. This type of AI is used to answer simple queries in a natural manner, leaving your employees time to handle the more important aspects of your business.

Many businesses choose to develop their own algorithms that serve their clients specific needs. For example, Google Maps uses AI to find the quickest route, Amazon uses theirs to recommend the perfect products and Grammarly combines data science and Machine Learning to correct your writing.

Prediction 2: We will see an increase in visual content

There’s no doubt about it, people enjoy visual content. According to Tech Jury, video is the number one source of information for 66% of people. Even more, people are spending an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching online videos (that’s almost a full working day!).

The pressure to produce visual content goes far beyond YouTube and Instagram Reels, the founder of Search Engine Journal has said that sites which rely on stock images are bound to see a decline in 2022. Users are looking to visual content to see personality and authenticity from brands and in 2022, you better give it to them.

How to incorporate video into your marketing strategy

If you have a blog, start by adding videos specific to the content you have already created. Find out which pages your users are visiting the most and create videos to finesse that experience and help users with trickier bits of information.

And if you have a lot of blog content, turning those posts into easily digestible video content is an easy way to get started!

For companies working on their social media strategy, TikTok and Instagram Reels should be incorporated immediately. Use these platforms as an opportunity to share behind the scenes looks, how-tos and reviews or case studies with just a few clicks!

Prediction 3: A shift to creating content for the right search intent

In 2021, we saw Google roll out their indented SERP, which allowed a single website show up in the SERP for multiple pages.

They spread out this feature very quickly, most likely to start identifying the user’s intention behind a page by gathering data on which result correctly answered the question.

How to prepare for this trend

In 2022, businesses need to be prepared to serve up specific content based on where the user is in the buyer’s journey, and it will be important to make sure that you have content available at all stages, going beyond ‘informational’ and ‘transactional’.

There are many ways to do this. You can start by looking at the content that exists on your site and compare it with the pieces your competitors are offering. Are there gaps that you should be addressing?

If you have a search feature built into your website, look at the questions people are searching and make sure you have the right content to address those questions. If you do not have search functionality on your site, you can use other features such as the People Also Ask box on Google.

Prediction 4: Brands will experiment more with augmented reality and virtual reality

Facebook, which recently rebranded as Meta, created some big waves in 2021 with their investments and announcements around the Metaverse – and big businesses are already getting involved. Adidas has just announced their debut, bands and artists have performed, and marketing space is becoming available to purchase.

While it has already begun, 2022 is when we will see a huge increase in businesses working in the Metaverse, companies selling products, and people working via VR headsets – many marketing opportunities will arise from that.

How to prepare for VR and AR

Start by identifying areas you can get involved. Does your business offer unique products or experiences that could be shared in this new way?

You don’t have to build your business in the metaverse, there are simpler ways to get involved in this trend. For example, AR business cards offer a simple way to stand out in the crowd. If you are in the fashion or beauty sector, creating an Instagram filter that allow users to try on your products is also a great option.

Prediction 5: Websites will be expected to become far more accessible

Websites come in many shapes and sizes, but not all of them are accessible to every user. In 2022, we are expecting to see a shift in rankings for sites that have not been optimised for actual users, not just crawlers or bots.

How to make your website accessible

Ensure you have descriptive alt-text that explains what is happening in any photo across your website (this could be used to improve AI as well), using link text well and ensuring your site has a good colour contrast are great places to start.

Market research directly from the user is even better. Ask your audience how you can better serve them and ensure your content is readily available for all users.

Marketing trends in 2022

While we can’t actually predict the future, we do have a pretty good idea of what is ahead from tips from industry leaders and data collected over the years.

If you’re looking for any handy tips or advice on implementing the latest marketing trends, download our capabilities brochure to find out how we can help. Or get in touch with our performance marketing experts today.

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