Thoughts from the CEO – September 2020

By Chris Liversidge Chris Liversidge 28 September, 2020

The last month has seen important shifts in marketing data come to fruition – iOS 14 has finally put the nail in the coffin for rich App ecosystem data across Apple devices, which combined with its default exclusion of 3rd party cookies means a highly valued customer cohort has now fully disappeared behind their devices.

Fortunately, many forward thinking tech providers have been solving for this world for a while now. Compliant user data collection is a 1st party art that is now well understood, and advertisers have more ability today than ever before to take control of their data collection and activate rich conversion behaviour into their AdTech – all while retaining control and ownership of their data.

3rd Party will finally largely become irrelevant as Chrome switches to default exclusion over the course of the year, leaving customer enrichment firmly in the 2nd Party space – the server to server sharing of compliantly collected 1st party data.

I see this change as a major win for advertisers, who can now more tightly validate the quality of their datasets, and from a tech standpoint, this shift is a win for web users, as web properties have been plagued by too many tags and JavaScript render-blocking due to poor implementation for well over a decade now.

At QueryClick we are especially excited by this change, as our Corvidae platform uniquely enables the rebuilding of 1st party data to better reflect the behaviour of the actual individuals behind their devices, meaning up to 400% more of the data collected by Google and Adobe analytics becomes eligible for accurate, sophisticated attribution modelling – finally allowing a functioning, powerful, and accurate attribution piece of the puzzle to be slotted into advertiser MarTech stacks to allow reach maximisation at the lowest possible cost.

Achieving this while respecting user privacy choice means all parties get the best out of the web – what’s not to like?

Own your marketing data & simplify your tech stack.

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