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Meet Our New QueryClickers

Meet Our New QueryClickers
By Julie Molloy, Head of Marketing 25 July, 2019

Over the past month, we have had a few highly-skilled team members join both the London and Edinburgh offices. We love welcoming new talent and they have been settling in and making waves already.

Lauren Reeves

Lauren Reeves, Sales Development Representative
Location: London
What attracted you to QC? I was attracted to QC because it was a company that allowed for personal development and growth. Coming just out of uni, I wanted somewhere which would focus on my ambitions and help me develop my career in a positive and influential way. The continuous training I’m receiving and the help I’ve been given already has been fantastic.
Guilty Pleasure: Instagram poetry accounts which take the mick out of mundane aspects of life, for example, @bodeburnout

Gerard Brady

Gerard Brady, Senior Account Manager
Location: Edinburgh
What attracted you to QC:  The people, clients, and culture
Fun Fact: I’ve broken my nose 9 times!

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, Senior Digital Content Manager
Location: Edinburgh
What attracted you to QC? The use of data and investment in propriety tools.
Fun Fact: I’ve scored a goal at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium!

Mark Symons

Mark Symons, Senior Sales Manager
Location: London
What attracted you to QC? Great opportunity to take a disruptive technology such as Corvidae to market, challenge existing solutions and be part of an exciting growth period and the journey that may take us on!
Favorite Food: Loads of Curry!

Hannah Francis

Hannah Francis, Sales Development Representative
Location: London
What attracted you to QC? Being in a sales role, the last thing you want to do is sell something you don’t fully believe in, which is what I love about QC as it makes sense for a company to invest in our services and software!
Guilty Pleasure: Porridge for dinner

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