The Shape of Digital Marketing, AI and Disruption in 2024

Digital Marketing AI and Disruption in 2024

2024 is shaping up to be even more disruptive than recent years in the world of digital marketing. The past year has brought us ChatGPT and seen the removal of 3rd Party cookies happen (at last!), as well as a host of other challenges for us marketers!

In our last webinar of the year, we will be hosting a fireside chat with CEO Chris Liversidge and Head of Digital Strategy Scott Donnelly to chew the fat on what’s to come in 2024!

We will cover:

  • The future for Analytics, Measurement and Attribution – CEO Chris will share thoughts and predictions on the next big things to look out for in this exciting space.
  • The impending rollout of generative search engines driven by AI, has the power to revolutionise the way we search the internet. Coupled with the volatility we all experienced in 2023, we’ll discuss how it is set up to be a challenging year for organic!
  • How the substantial changes in the privacy landscape following the removal of cookies from Google Chrome will impact your data and dive into what you need to do to set yourself up for a privacy centric 2024 in Google Ads.

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