Virtual Digital Travel & Tourism Masterclass

Why Accurate Attribution is Key to Recovery in the Travel Industry

Covid-19 has turned everything we thought we knew upside down. As a result, travel marketers are forced to rethink their strategies, explore new channels and achieve more with a much smaller budget.

So, if you don’t have an effective attribution solution in place, understanding where the best opportunities to acquire customers at lower CPAs lie can seem like an impossible task.

Join QueryClick CEO and Founder, Chris Liversidge, as he discusses why accurate and effective attribution is key for the recovery of the travel industry in 2021. During this session, Chris will delve into:

  • Why travel marketers need to adapt to new demographics and platforms to survive
  • The role attribution has to play in the industry’s recovery – and why “off-the-shelf” aren’t good enough
  • The importance of good quality data for effective attribution

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