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Is attribution the key to success for online retail in 2021?

The modern consumer has hundreds, even thousands of interactions with ecommerce brands every day. Finding out which interactions are influencing decisions and are the most valuable for them is still a big challenge for marketers. Only when marketers work this out can they allocate their budget proportionately to the mix of channels at their disposal.

And with uncertainty everywhere right now, marketers can’t afford to waste time on meaningless messages that consumers ignore. So, attribution is vital.

Join QueryClick CEO, Chris Liversidge, at 1pm on 4th March as he discusses:

  • What does a good attribution strategy look like in 2021?
  • What is possible with attribution that wasn’t before?
  • How can effective attribution insights help to save ecommerce brands?
  • How can effective attribution help them grow?

Join us at the event!

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