Stop cleaning your analytics data. Rebuild it.

Corvidae dramatically improves the quality of your marketing data, connecting individual customer journeys across all your marketing channels.

Build a complete customer view

Accurate marketing data allows multi-touch attribution models to perform as they were intended. In addition to this rebuilt data, Corvidae’s unified customer view includes probabilistic modelling, which predicts the likelihood of conversion at all points on the journey – granting you the ability to deploy more powerful customer acquisition feeds.

TV/R OOH Store Store Store Lookalike (RTB/Prog) Paid Social Organic Paid Search (Generic) Display TV/R Organic (Brand) Paid Shopping Email (Referral Offer) Paid Search (Brand) Remarketing (RTB/Prog) Email (Rate & Review) Paid Shopping RTB Programmatic OOH (Digital) Paid Social Organic (Brand) Direct Mail (Programmatic) Remarketing (Paid Search) TV/R Organic (Voice) Paid Shopping Organic (Generic) Earned (Content) Awareness (See) Purchase (Do) Consideration (Think) Service (Care) Loyalty Expansion Mobile 3rd Device In Person Work


A quick guide to Corvidae reports

Corvidae reports are refreshed daily as standard (or hourly if you prefer) and are available for live access through our portal and API endpoints at any time.

Attributed Performance Vs Last Click

This report shows how an attributed view changes your picture of channel effectiveness.

Incorporating offline, and with a 2 year lookback, see how your revenue actually stacks up by channel.

Channel Contribution & Effectiveness

A key report to allow reallocation of budgets to drive overall conversions at lowest ROI.

Shows each channel’s attributed revenue and media spend/cost

Conversion Path Explorer

This report shows what the largest conversion blockers are, and the behaviours of cohorts across channels to see if adjusting channel exposure will affect conversion numbers.

Organic SearchDirect x2Affiliates2%98%Organic SearchAffiliates6%94%

Household Impacts (Video)

This is a valuable report for optimising linear spend. Allows the marketer to challenge the effectiveness of individual slots or channels.

Also available for Audio.

Page Value Explorer

This report shows the attributed value of every page on site, and its effectiveness at converting customers. Valuable for finding the most important content to improve onsite.

Project Imcrementality Explorer

Map your marketing performance directly to projects run in-house or by your agencies. Set and forget KPI measurement ensures your time is spent on the most important projects.

Project Incrementality ExplorerRevenueROISpend$3m$2m$3.5m$2.5m$1.5mAprAugJunOctJanMaySepJulNovFebDec

Unified Search

Unify your measurement of Paid & Organic search to align strategies and completely eliminate unnecessary cannibalisation.

If you are an SEO or trying to build multichannel content and outreach it effectively, this report includes unique metrics.

Onboarding Process

Step One


Our personalised onboarding includes a thorough discovery phase, including data audits to ensure robust, ongoing data capture. Our experienced team are authentic specialists in their fields, too, so you can rest easy knowing your data attribution is being rebuilt by the experts.

Step Two


Corvidae’s insights are founded on clickstream data (including two-year lookback) from mainstream analytics platforms, such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics 360. We will also deploy Corvidae’s own data collection tag if you don’t use Adobe or Google.

Step Three


  • First, we store your raw and processed data on secure, GDPR-compliant cloud storage
  • We rebuild the raw data using a mix of machine learning processing and data analysis
  • Machine learning then reveals the value of the various channels in your customer journey funnel

Step Four


Corvidae stiches together individual touchpoints of clickstream data, ordered by sessions, into a customer view. We combine sessions to show the entire customer journey path, and all data is pseudonymised for GDPR compliance.

Step Five


Custom machine learning models result in an accurate, scientific attribution model for all your marketing channels, empowering you to effectively re-evaluate your spend by channel and predict individuals’ likelihood of conversion at each touchpoint on their customer journey.

Step SIx

Automate & Report

Dynamic API endpoints and hourly model refreshes mean customer data can be embedded in any tech stack. You’ll also gain access to our multichannel performance marketing suite – learn more about Corvidae reports.