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Deploy and Go With Corvidae Essential Attribution

De-silo Facebook and Google to maximise ROAS.

From just £1,999 p/m

Corvidae is a multi-touch attribution tool that uses a 1st party pixel (no need for third party cookies!) to provide marketers with accurate and actionable attribution reporting from Google and Facebook campaigns.

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Make better marketing decisions.

Optimise you marketing spend, reduce costs on campaigns and increase ROI of your overall marketing spend through a unified attribution view, including:


Google ads down to keyphrase level


Facebook Ads down to AdSet level

Click Level Attribution

Click-level attribution across all channels driving click to the website

Why choose Corvidae Essential Attribution?

Focus on the main channels used by digital marketers to provide maximum value – Google and Facebook – and free wasted spend for other marketing activities.

The essential deployment allows digital marketers to:

  • Gain access to enterprise-level analytics.
  • Remove cannibalisation of reporting across Facebook and Google.
  • Optimise campaigns and individual ad creatives that affect all stages of a customer journey.
  • Add other data sources and custom reporting with ease, e.g. TV Spot data, CRM Integration and programmatic activity.
Facebook over-reports by around 68% on average.

Did you know? Facebook over-reports by around 68% on average?

A Unified View of Marketing Attribution with Corvidae

Getting started is easy

Thanks to our 1st party pixel deployment, getting started with Corvidae is easy. No effort required! After just 30 days, you will begin receiving accurate and actionable attribution reporting from your Google and Facebook campaigns.

20:1 ROAS

for Google Ads

35:1 ROAS

for Facebook

We’ve managed to reattribute about 60% of the revenue from Facebook to other channels, versus GA. And so that’s immediately helped us to understand, some channels are performing better than we thought.

Haroun Saleemi, Head of E-Commerce at Quiz
Find out what Corvidae can do for your Facebook and Google campaigns

Find out what Corvidae can do for your Facebook and Google campaigns

Corvidae’s Essential Attribution helps you with actionable attribution insights. This enables marketing teams to improve the quality of data and optimise marketing campaigns based on that data. Let’s talk about how we can put Corvidae to work for you.